Tango West is one of the most established schools of Argentine Tango in the UK, having started over 16 years ago in 1998. We have taught 1000's of classes and put on around 400 social dances (or Milongas) over the period. Michele and Andrew are Tango West's principal Directors with over 32 years experience between them.

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Myriam Ojeda-Patiño (Mina)

Will be teaching on Wed Sept 24th

This lesson with Mina will be exploring the fascinating subject of

Dancing with cadencia is about feeling the music and moving in a particular way, it is a kind of ‘swaying’ of the body while placing the footwork. The elegance of the Cadencia will surely add to your dancing, you will feel the sensation of two bodies ‘swaying’ together in a close embrace in unison with the rhythmic flow of the music making the dance much more pleasurable (rhythmically and aesthetically).

Mina will be using the music of Alfredo Gobbi

7.30 - 9pm.   £14  Practica till 10.15


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The Redland Club is also available for hire for group and individual activities.

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Beginners Argentinian Tango classes at the Redland Club
Autumn term starts on Wed from Sept...
6.30-7.30pm just £6 per class or a series of 6 classes for £30...

This term we will be teaching the fundamentals of tango as well as adding in new concepts for those students who have already taken some classes with us. It's fine to drop in though better to commit to a series of classes if you can. That's so you can learn the basics, make regular progress and develop your skills. Michele and Andrew provide expert instruction based on many years experience of the music and the dance!
Classes will run on Wednesdays:-
Sep 10,17,24
   Oct 1,15,22, (breaks on Oct 8th & 29th)

     & Another 6 week block:-
    Nov 5,12,19,26
   Dec 3,10

There's no need to bring a partner- it's fine to come solo; please wear smooth soled shoes suitable for dancing.
FFI: contact michele@tangowest.co.uk or call 07981 756965

New format for Wednesday evening Tango

We will now be inviting popular Guest Teachers regularly once a month - generally this will be on the fourth Wednesday of each month - and instead of a drop in class we'll be inviting you to book ahead so we can be sure that it will be viable. If enough people book to cover the costs then we'll be able to go ahead. We have Mina lined up for 24th Sept and Gustavo & Maria booked for 8th Oct

On the other Wednesdays of the month you can still get your tango fix - at our new mid-week milonga "Milonga UnDosTres"  7.45-10.45pm, £5  featuring the very best of classic tango dance music.
Wednesday Milonga dates:
  Oct    1, 15, 22
  Nov    5, 12, 1
Dec    3, 10

          Beginner lessons  6.30 - 7.30pm as normal


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Forthcoming classes

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Wed 1 Oct Beginners Lesson + Milonga UnDosTres
Wed 8 Oct Gustavo Benzecry Saba´ & Maria Olivera teach tonight
Wed 15 Oct Beginner lesson + Milonga UnDosTres
Wed 22 Oct Beginner lesson + Milonga UnDosTres

Milongas & Events

We host regular Milongas (Social Dances) at the Redland Club, Burlington Rd, Bristol BS6 6TN. We aim to create the atmosphere of a Traditional Buenos Aires Milonga...featuring  Golden Age tango music, played in tandas with cortinas...encouraging good floorcraft and the use of tango etiquette, including the cabeceo...

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We will welcome back Gustavo Benzecry Saba and Maria Olivera to teach for us on Wed 8th Oct.

 Last year their classes were a sell out! The evening will feature two classes - Tango and Milonga - and we encourage you to book with a partner.

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Tango West's new Wednesday Milonga:
Milonga UnDosTres
7.45pm - 10.45pm, just £5

Wednesdays at the Redland Club
Next Wednesday Milonga date:  1st Oct 

Click Here for Milonga UnDosTres Dates

Apart from those occasional Wednesdays when we
invite visiting teachers,
Tango West will now be
holding this mid-week Milonga. The usual high

standards of music, with a more informal atmosphere.

We do hope to see you at the Redland Club

Our next weekend Milonga

Tango Cafe Domingo    
Sunday  October 5th

3pm - 8pm  Cost £10 - refreshments inc.

DJ:  Michele Tedder

We will also be hosting Zapatango shoes

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Click here for our 2014 Milonga dates
(Please check regularly for any changes)

Tango West - bringing Tango to Bristol & the South West for 16 years


Forthcoming milongas

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Wed 1 Oct Milonga UnDosTres
Wed 15 Oct Milonga UnDosTres
Wed 22 Oct Milonga UnDosTres
Wed 5 Nov Milonga UnDosTres
Wed 12 Nov Milonga UnDosTres
Wed 19 Nov Milonga UnDosTres