Tango West, established 17 years ago, was instrumental in bringing Tango to Bristol and the surrounding area. It is run by Andrew Oldroyd and Michele Tedder. Over the years we've held thousands of classes and put on and DJ'd at over 400 social dances and events.Tango West is the place to come to learn and dance Argentine Tango


Michele Tedder, DJ'ing this Saturday 23rd May (see panel to right). It proved to be a great event, with her emphasis on Tangos with strong captivating melodies and rhythm



Beginners just turn up at 6.30pm on Wed.

 6.30-7.30pm Beginners & Recent Dancers

This class is suitable for absolute beginners, recent dancers and anyone wishing to refresh their technique....

We will cover: tango movement technique; posture, balance and axis; connection in the embrace: musicality; tango floorcraft and etiquette. Fun, friendly and structured classes with instructors Michele and Andrew.

£6 per class or £30 for 6 classes.

This week - 27th May: continuing theme - "Dance more Buenos Aires style" - learn some of the moves that experienced dancers in the downtown clubs use to negotiated crowded dance floors. Last week we never got onto turning the Ocho Cortado due to a bunch of new people attending the class - we'll have a crack at it this week

7.30-7.45pm practice time.

7.45-8.45 Themes & Technique class
This class is suitable for those with a solid understanding of fundamental tango technique. This class will focus on key themes designed to develop your dancing skills and build confidence for social dancing. 

£8 per class including practica. ( Rewards system in place).

This week - 27th May - We will continue to re-visit some of the ideas that Milena Plebs & Lautaro Cancela taught in their wonderful classes earlier this month with some variations of our own. We will develop the turn with sacadas we worked on last week

8.45-10.45 Practica for all

Both classes on the same night inc practica = £10. Practica only £4

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Normal programme of classes continue next week on 27th May:
Beginners just turn up at 6.30pm

Milongas & Events

 We host regular Milongas (Social Dances) at the Redland Club, Burlington Rd, Bristol BS6 6TN. We aim to create the atmosphere of a Traditional Buenos Aires Milonga: featuring  Golden Age tango music, played in tandas with cortinas...encouraging good floorcraft and the use of tango etiquette, including the cabeceo.


Andrew and Michele are also very experienced Traditional Tango DJ's having provided the music for literally 100's of Milongas over 15 years. They are available to DJ at your Tango event if you wish.

See us dancing Tango, Milonga and Vals at the Redland Club


Sunday's Tango Cafe Domingo 3rd May:

Milonga Esta Noche Sat May 23rd

A terrific Milonga on Saturday - lots of new faces which was nice and a high energy in the room made possible by Michele's fabulous music - thanks Michele, you're setting the standard for really danceable music. Thanks to those of you who got into the spirit of our ' Separado' experiment; a bit of fun really. But don't get alarmed if you're not into this kind of thing, there's no question of it becoming a rule; if you come with friends and want to sit with them, then of course you can, no problem - this would be normal in Buenos Aires
We're down next for another:
Milonga Esta Noche on the 20th June
but keep a check on the website
over the next couple of weeks because we're
thinking of changing some of the dates
particularly for the Sunday Cafes, to
minimise clashes with other Milongas


The Wednesday evening PRACTICA on
27th May

The Practica is free if you've taken classes during the evening. But anybody can turn up for around a couple of hours of dancing & practice in an informal atmosphere.
Cost £4


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Click here are our Milonga dates for the rest of 2015
For quick reference below

Remember, always check with the website before turning out for an event, because last minute changes sometimes cannot be avoided

   July 5th,  Aug 2nd,  Sept 6th,  Oct 4th,  Nov 1st, 

Jun 20th,  July 18th,   Sep 19th,  Oct 17th,  Nov 14th,
Dec 19th (Milonga de Navidad)

 Tango West - bringing Tango to Bristol & the South West for 17 years


Forthcoming milongas

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